Brand associations are the connections in out minds between a brand and people, places, things, and emotions. When a brand and another thought occur together in anyone’s mind, they neurologically connect and are more likely to be thought of together in the future. These associations may turn people to or away from your brand. Being mindful and strategic about them will build brand equity efficiently.

Brand associations help the buyers to recall your brand on account of its unique properties. it also differentiates you from the competitors and provides a reason for the customers to purchase the product. Brand associations also help to create positive and impactful feelings towards your brand or a product.

Association based on attributes

Brand Association based on benefits

Attitudes based Brand Association

It is for this reason that the company has created best associations with most of the Property Sale Purchase and Renting Good performers in their field. The image that company projects in the mind of the customers are that by using this particular product they have a chance of winning and being best in the choice of their properties, mirroring and replicating the celebrities in the advertisements. The attitudes of the winners and celebrities are passed on to the customers via the products of the brand.

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